Change a living space. Change a life.

A foundation isn’t just what’s under a home. At Dwell with Dignity, we believe it can also be what surrounds you in it, giving families the stability, confidence and pride to move forward. Using our skills as designers, together with the help of dedicated volunteers and the generous donations of hundreds, we are committed to creating living spaces families can build new lives on.

It starts at home.


It is through the donations of many, and the efforts of our volunteers that we are able to help transform lives. Please consider getting involved with us to help others find success through a well designed home.


remained employed for 12 months following their transformation


saw positive changes in their children's academic performance


saw a positive change in their children's behavior


of participants feel more in control of their life

Make a difference.


“Each time I walk into our home, I smile in wonderment and gratefulness”

We empower families to lead their best lives and to thrive in a safe, functional, and beautiful environment. Our families become stable and create home lives they are proud of. Toxic stress levels are reduced significantly. Academics improve. Play dates are made. Plans are made for birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and family dinners. We feel sure that their homes will have a powerful generational impact.

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