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“9:00 to 2:00 at south side community center. bring your photo id. proof that you live there and household income the past 30 days. if you are looking for high end decor at a discount, there is a pop up designer store. >> with this one, you can shop guilt free to a degree. our caroline vandergriff explains how every dollar you might spend actually helps a family in need. >> Reporter: the design district is known for its art galleries and furniture showrooms, but thrift studio is only here for a few weeks. shoppers may come for the discounts. >> maybe it is a $10,000 couch. we mark it like 60% off. >> Reporter: and get suede by the mission. >> our entire goal is to transform lives through design. >> Reporter: all proceeds go toward dwell with dignity. a non-profit that works with families getting back on their feet after experiencing homelessness. >> i was walking around and i’m like oh my god, i don’t think people understand how much it makes a difference. >> Reporter: adriana trejo understands firsthand. when she first moved to dallas with her six-year-old son and one-year-old daughter, they ended up having to live in her car. >> i felt really stuck and helpless. >> Reporter: trejo was finally able to get a place for her family but it felt more like a shelter than a home until dwell with dignity stepped in. >> everything was completely furnished. my pantry had food in it. my son’s room was so pretty. when he seen his room and how he lit up, i mean, it just changed our lives completely. >> Reporter: they had a table for family dinners. and a place her son felt comfortable inviting friends to. >> we want to provide a foundation for security. and i think that is what a home is. and it gives you a place you can put down roots and create that foundation for your future. >> Reporter: dwell with dignity transforms 24 homes a year. >> you feel different. you feel happy. you feel motivated. you have hope and it is like a fresh start. >> Reporter: that fresh start led trejo to cosmo cosmitology school. >> helping families like they once helped me. >> Reporter: thrift studio is only open a few more days. the popup store closes at 5:00 on saturday. if you can’t make it out there before then to shop, you can always donate online. dwell with dignity is one of the many non-profits participating in north texas giving day. i’m caroline”


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