“Home Full of Grace” Dallas Chapter


Shanjula and her family have braved homelessness but have never given up hope to lead lives they are proud of and can thrive in. After getting on her feet at Buckner Family Pathways, earning a college degree, and securing a job in education, we felt so fortunate to help provide a new start for this wonderful mom and her daughter and son.

“A Long Journey” Dallas Chapter


Shemika and her two little boys have come such a long way from sleeping in her car and weathering homelessness. While going through the program at Interfaith Housing Coalition, she saved $13,000 and moved into a house with her children upon graduating. Since moving there in 2014, Shemika has excelled at her job and is proud to be the first person in her family to provide a home for her family.

“The Green Room” Atlanta Chapter


Thommie and her 2 sons had their own apartment after going through the program at one of our partner agencies in Atlanta. They were living there, but not thriving – that is until DwD came in and made over their apartment. Since then, the oldest son has had many play dates – his first ever. And speaking of firsts, after Thommie received a big promotion and raise at her job, she was able to take the boys to the beach on their very first vacation.

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