“Davis Family Home” Atlanta Chapter


Kindness & Courage Lead the Davis Family to the Gift of Home Together with volunteer designers, Cate and Lathem of GordonDunning, Dwell with Dignity Atlanta welcomed the Davis family into their new normal thanks to a generous family sponsorship by Edward's Mother Earth Foundation. Tie, a kind and courageous mother, was introduced to us by partner agency Rainbow Village at a special dinner signifying her graduation from their admirable two-year program. Tie's journey from homelessness to home was a frightening uphill battle

“Blue Home” Atlanta Chapter


This is a project we completed for a single mother and her precious 10-year-old daughter who loves to read. The toll of independently providing for her family lead mom and daughter to being homeless and seeking refuge at the Atlanta’s Initiative for Affordable Housing. After completing a 12-month program in financial education and maintaining a stable job working at Subway, mom is now able to provide a one-bedroom apartment for her family. That’s where DwD came in. CODARUS took this simple space

“Holiday Home” Atlanta Chapter


Sade and her 6 year old daughter lived in this apartment where they shared a mattress and a sofa. Having lost so much in her life before she went through the program at Initiative for Affordable Housing, she was thrilled to be able to give some of her things away to help others. This home was sponsored by ADAC and the interior design was done by Clay Snider and Traci Rhoads. Sade and her daughter enjoyed a very, merry Christmas, complete with a tree and gifts, thanks to one of our generous donors.

“Serenity” Dallas Chapter


Traverion is the mom to a 10 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. She had lost her job in retail due to the recession and cutbacks. The family was nominated to DwD due to the success that Traverion had while going through the program at Buckhead Christian Ministry and the fact that she had found a new retail position. AmericasMart sponsored this apartment and Steve McKenzie and Egypt Sherrod designed the beautiful interiors. The children are now thriving and Traverion has been promoted to Store Manager after the install.

“A Cheerful Home” Atlanta Chapter


Natasha and her 3 sons moved into their apartment after completing the program at Initiative for Affordable Housing. Our amazing group of Atlanta volunteers created this beautiful home. A soothing environment was attained in the master bedroom while a bright and cheerful room was ready to greet the 3 active boys. The boys’ favorite thing? Bingo (the turtle) now had a place to live that was much larger than the plastic container he had been living in. The boys wondered aloud how large he would get now that he has room to grow. We are looking forward to watching the whole family thrive and grow!

“A Beautiful Home” Atlanta Chapters


After several major setbacks, Denise and Marques were finally back on the road to self-sufficiency with the help of Buckhead Christian Ministry. The parents of 2 sons and a daughter, they needed help to make their 2 bedroom apartment comfortable for everyone. Nandina Home sponsored this home and made it beautiful and functional, all at the same time. The oldest son walked back into the apartment at the reveal and said “I never thought I’d get to live someplace this beautiful”.

“The Green Room” Atlanta Chapter


Thommie and her 2 sons had their own apartment after going through the program at one of our partner agencies in Atlanta. They were living there, but not thriving – that is until DwD came in and made over their apartment. Since then, the oldest son has had many play dates – his first ever. And speaking of firsts, after Thommie received a big promotion and raise at her job, she was able to take the boys to the beach on their very first vacation.

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