Project Description

Kindness & Courage Lead the Davis Family to the Gift of Home

Together with volunteer designers, Cate and Lathem of GordonDunning, Dwell with Dignity Atlanta welcomed the Davis family into their new normal thanks to a generous family sponsorship by Edward’s Mother Earth Foundation.

Tie, a kind and courageous mother, was introduced to us by partner agency Rainbow Village at a special dinner signifying her graduation from their admirable two-year program. Tie’s journey from homelessness to home was a frightening uphill battle of deep sacrifices, physical pain, and emotional scarring. With 3 sweet boys looking up to her, trusting in her and following her lead, Tie heroically leads her family by exemplifying positivity and perseverance in education, values, life goals, strong morals and a dedication to family and love. Providing stability and safety for her family was of utmost importance for this courageous mother, and it was our greatest honor to join her in this achieving this goal by transforming her house into a home that will set the stage for a lifetime of memories, comfort and success.

A Look Inside the Process of Creating a Home

  • Dwell with Dignity Atlanta One Room Challenge Before Living Room
  • Dwell with Dignity Atlanta One Room Challenge Before Dining Room
  • Dwell with Dignity Atlanta One Room Challenge Before Dining Room
  • GordonDunning Design Board for the One Room Challenge with Dwell with Dignity Atlanta

This project was made possible by the following sponsors, donors and volunteers:

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Dwell with Dignity designs and installs complete home interiors for families who desperately need an environment that will support health and wellness. Our mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design; one household at a time. We empower families to lead their best lives and to thrive in a safe, functional, and beautiful environment.

Dwell with Dignity works with agencies that have programs in place to take families from homelessness & poverty to self-sufficiency.  Often times, after a family has received all of the counseling, training, and support from our partner agencies, they find themselves struggling to provide a home in which they can thrive. Dwell with Dignity addresses this critical economic need through our mission.

We create inspiring home interiors with the labor of dedicated volunteers and with the generosity of our donors. Dwell with Dignity works with interior designers and members of the trade to furnish the families’ homes including all furniture, art, bedding, kitchen supplies, food in the pantry and their first night’s meal. Our goals are to bring good design to those less fortunate, inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in.

We feel that if we can change a person’s environment, we can change a person’s outlook on life. When we provide our families a place to be proud of and thrive in, we have set the stage for breaking the cycle of poverty and setting up future generations for success.

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