The Davis Family: May 2017, Atlanta Chapter

Kindness & Courage Lead the Davis Family to the Gift of Home Together with volunteer designers, Cate and Lathem of GordonDunning, Dwell with Dignity Atlanta welcomed the Davis family into their new normal thanks to a generous family sponsorship by Edward's Mother Earth Foundation. Tie, a kind and courageous mother, was introduced to us by partner agency Rainbow Village at a special dinner signifying her graduation from their admirable two-year program. Tie's journey from homelessness to home was a frightening uphill battle

Family Home- May 2016


We were honored to help create a home for a single mother and 5-year-old son who were nominated to DwD by Atlanta’s Initiative for Affordable Housing. After working hard to get back on own two feet, mom’s stable job allowed her to move into a 2-bedroom apartment. When we met with mom, she and her son had been sharing a blowup mattress on the floor. DwD provided everything needed to transform this space into a true home. As we walk

Family Home- March 2016


This is a project we completed for a single mother and her precious 10-year-old daughter who loves to read. The toll of independently providing for her family lead mom and daughter to being homeless and seeking refuge at the Atlanta’s Initiative for Affordable Housing. After completing a 12-month program in financial education and maintaining a stable job working at Subway, mom is now able to provide a one-bedroom apartment for her family. That’s where DwD came in. CODARUS took this simple space

Family Home Project- July 2016

We are excited to provide a fresh start through a new home for mom and her six children ages: 19, 17, 16, 14, 9, and 3 nominated to DwD by Interfaith Family Services. This mother has worked hard to get back on her feet after losing her job and being unable to provide for her large family. While living in the shelter, mom was able to find a stable employment and learned the importance of budgeting and saving for her

Family Home- June 2016


What a colorful and fun home we completed for mom and her 9-year-old daughter nominated by Interfaith Family Services. Despite many obstacles that left this single mom and her daughter desperate for shelter and support, mom’s positive attitude and commitment to moving forward allowed her to graduate the program at Interfaith and inspire countless women she met living at the shelter along the way. Mom has been able to pay off much of her debt and has a stable job

Family Home- June 2016


This is a project we completed for mom and her 12-year-old daughter nominated by Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support. After fleeing a difficult situation that left her and her young daughter homeless, mom demonstrated a commitment to positive change by seeking counseling and necessary support. Now, mom has a stable job, working as a nanny and housekeeper, and lives in a safe neighborhood close to her daughter’s school. Thanks to DwD, Mom and daughter now a beautiful and functional HOME

Family Home-July 2016


We had the privilege of creating this home for a mom and her three sons. This family faced many difficult challenges, including sever sickness that left mom unable to work, resulting in eviction, where the family lost everything they owned. After spending time in the shelter at Interfaith Family Services, this amazing family was nominated to DwD because of their grit and determination that allowed them to get back on their feet. Mom is now able to provide for her

Family Home- February 2016

We transformed a one-bedroom apartment into a safe, beautiful, and functional home for a well-deserving grandmother and 5-year-old grandson nominated to us by Shared Housing Center. After receiving custody of her grandson and falling upon hard times that left them both homeless, this family never lost hope. Now the duo are THRIVING in their home. Grandmother has a stable job and grandson is quickly adapting to life in his new school. Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Family Home- April 2016


This young mother and her 1-year-old baby girl were nominated to us by Promise House, after mom completed the accountability based program that helped this struggling family get out of homelessness and on track to self-sufficiency. Mom works part time and is studying fashion design, with hopes to have a bright and successful career in the fashion industry. What a great example mom is setting for her young daughter! Thank you to our generous sponsors: Ambella Home  At

Family Home- January 2016


We met this sweet family when they were nominated to us by The Family Place. Mom and her five children, ranging from 14 to 4 years old, have been through a lot over the years, including homelessness, severe abuse and trauma, but mom’s courage and tenacity has got this family back on their feet and into a home of their very own. Mom works hard to support her five children as a hair stylist, and her children are working

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