One Room Challenge Week Five: Bare to Bountiful

//One Room Challenge Week Five: Bare to Bountiful

One Room Challenge Week Five: Bare to Bountiful

In real life, our Atlanta Dwell with Dignity chapter is actually right in the midst of finishing our installation for the Davis family! In One Room Challenge life, we are sharing the details on a couple more steps that helped to get from house to home. Come on in!

A Dwell with Dignity 3-day installation always begins with a completely empty house or apartment. Sometimes this is super simple because our family hasn’t moved in yet. Sometimes, its a touch more challenging, though. If our family has already been living in the house, we ask that they help us create a blank slate. While this may cause a brief moment of concern, this is actually a really important and sentimental step of the Dwell with Dignity process.

A lot of our families have never been been in a position where they could ‘pay it forward’. Excess funds and items simply didn’t exist. By asking that their apartment or house be completely free of furniture, kitchen items and accessories we create an opportunity for our families’ to give back.

(Pause: Heirloom and sentimental items get to stay! Read One Room Challenge Week Four for more details)

Tie and her boys felt the emotional impact of donating home furnishings and household goods first hand earlier this week. “I’ve never been so happy to be without” were the words that Tie sent to me as she handed over her sofa, table and bed frames to a family in great need. Witnessing the passing on of her possessions to help to change the direction of a family’s life will surely warm her heart and lighten her spirit for years and years to come.

On Monday morning, the Davis family’s home was ready for their Dwell with Dignity makeover to begin! Over the course of three days – five crews of volunteer groups, our logistics sponsor Knox-Addley, and designers GordonDunning swooped in and began creating a beautiful and bountiful home.

Thank you to David Crawford of Loud and Clear and Patty Cheek for snapping shots of our work in progress!

Knox-Addley Art + Design Services made dreams come true when they showed up with a truck full of our furniture and accessories!

Lots of procuring and shopping, means lots of cars to unload!

Wow! Do you even recognize Mr. Deedy’s chair! Thank you Century Upholstery!!

Assembling lamps and lamps and lamps – these are the bright beauties from Lamps Plus.

Thank goodness for volunteers that aren’t scared of power tools! Our green DIY dresser got it’s final touches.

I mean…. what a makeover!!!

Our team even took hold of Tie’s laundry room – we are all about pretty and practical storage solutions.

From bedding, drapes, shower curtains and dinner napkins, our iron logged lots of miles this week!

We finished up some DIY details – like this pair of ottomans now covered in plush, blush velvet.

All of our adorable volunteer-made art is now ready for their grand wall debut!

Sneak peek! How cute?!?!?!?!!

Tie’s kitchen is completely stocked from salt shaker to table settings – and it’s perfectly organized too!

Sometimes it takes 3 of us to read complicated sconce instructions.. ha!

Ken, our wallpaper perfectionist, completely transformed TWO rooms thanks to gorgeousness from Tempaper!

Even the bathrooms are now styled!

Cate and Lathem of GordonDunning spotted all of the artwork for every wall in the home

Making beds with adorable and high-quality linens from Peacock Alley

We are literally just hours away from the Davis family walking into their newly re-decorated home. The anticipation is extremely emotional and building by the second for everyone involved – especially Tie! By this evening, we hope to have created a new standard of ‘home’ for this inspiring family. A dignified standard that will enhance their joy, increase family connectivity and aid in achieving their dreams and goals.

Here we go…!!!

Next week, I will be back to share tons and tons of photos from our touching homecoming celebration and every inch of this well-designed home. See you then! – Amanda

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Dwell with Dignity designs and installs complete home interiors for families who desperately need an environment that will support health and wellness. Our mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design; one household at a time. We empower families to lead their best lives and to thrive in a safe, functional, and beautiful environment.

Dwell with Dignity works with agencies that have programs in place to take families from homelessness & poverty to self-sufficiency.  Often times, after a family has received all of the counseling, training, and support from our partner agencies, they find themselves struggling to provide a home in which they can thrive. Dwell with Dignity addresses this critical economic need through our mission.

We create inspiring home interiors with the labor of dedicated volunteers and with the generosity of our donors. Dwell with Dignity works with interior designers and members of the trade to furnish the families’ homes including all furniture, art, bedding, kitchen supplies, food in the pantry and their first night’s meal. Our goals are to bring good design to those less fortunate, inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in.

We feel that if we can change a person’s environment, we can change a person’s outlook on life. When we provide our families a place to be proud of and thrive in, we have set the stage for breaking the cycle of poverty and setting up future generations for success.

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