Founder Feature with KERA Art & Seek

Lisa Robison inspects new drapes with Dwell with Dignity volunteers before a family reveal.

KERA’s Art & Seek sits down with Lisa Robison, the founder and president of Dallas nonprofit Dwell With Dignity.  

“Home is a place where my family can come together and create memories. I think that home is a place that should regenerate your energy. It should be a place to relax and where you can invite people into your world. It’s a place you can share with friends and family, because as you create your home you share your life.” – Lisa Robison

Dwell with Dignity was born out of a desire to be creative and help our local community at the same time. After mentioning the idea to redesign a struggling family’s home to a school friend at El Centro’s Interior Design program, there was excitement paired with a want to do good and have impact in the interior design community. Lisa gathered up a couple of her friends and completed their first few projects and quickly realized this was going to be bigger than just a group of do-good friends. Dwell with Dignity is proud to serve local families across DFW to transform their lives through design, one home at at time. Stop by KERA’s Art & Seek to learn more about the history and heart of Dwell with Dignity.