Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Sometimes all is takes to spruce something up is some inexpensive fabric.  Fabric comes in all sizes, patterns and colors, but there are some textiles that just add the right amount of texture to make a room sing.  One of those perfect, inexpensive fabrics is no other than – BURLAP!

Simple white napkins become an eye opener with burlap wrapping.

Ballard Designs features lots of burlap items in their recent catalog including this monogramed shower curtain.

From Pinterest

For those of you are are crafty, taking burlap and adding some pompons trim makes for an excellent table runner. 

From Pinterest

Burlap can be used to make great place cards for your next dinner party

From Pinterest

Throw some around a tall table to make an instant party table

From Pinterest

Burlap is great for covering headboards and other types of furniture

From Pinterest

Burlap curtains bring texture and warm to this bathroom

From Pinterest

Add some black ribbon and this shade can be the perfect project for your home.

Here are DWD we are always trying to find fun ways to be inspired.  What do you think of Burlap?  How are you going to use it?

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