Okay, so my husband’s a bit of a beer fan.  And I often find bottle tops on the kitchen counter (somehow they never make it to the trash can…).  So what to do?  I came across this idea that I love!  It’s beautiful and I’m a work in process with an old Ikea table in my kid’s playroom (with soda caps).  This is also a great project for an outside bar to go by the pool.  Get your family and friends to start collecting, and then dry fit the caps into a geographic or free form pattern using color and symmetry.

enhanced-buzz-15232-1351469665-10Source: refabdiaries.com



Source:  instructables.com

Once you dryfit the caps until a table of your choosing, use an adhesive to affix them to the table.  If you don’t do this, once you lay the resin, they caps may start to float.  You can use products like rubber cement or liquid nails, but super glue works very well and leaves minimum residue on the table and cap.


Prior to pouring on a liquid resin, you’ll want to cover the edge with painter’s tape so the resin doesn’t get on the edge.  If your table has any holes in it, make sure to tape the bottom of the table as well.  You’ll need to also build a barrier around your table to keep the resin in while it dries.  There are several ways to do this, including using a wood frame, aluminum foil, or duct tape.


Next, pour in the resin.  Be sure to get in all the cracks, and use a hard plastic card like a hotel key to smooth it out. Envirotex Lite Pour-on High Gloss Finish is a good choice.  Let it rest for up to 24 hours and resist the urge to touch it!  Resin will even out on its own.


You’re left with an awesome, one of a kind piece made from an old table, some free bottle caps, and just glue and resin.  So go forth, and Dwell with Dignity!