Christmas is coming! While we may not be feeling December weather or seeing any snow, perhaps today’s DIY project will help bring some Christmas cheer. This one is so simple, and it can be used as a tree ornament, window or door decor, or gift embellishments. Thanks to Under the Table and Dreaming by Stephanie Lynn, we will be making clothespin snowflakes for today’s project.

If you don’t have clothespins lying around the house, they can easily be found at any dollar, craft, or home store. If you want a little variety, try the different sized clothespins at craft stores. Here are a few other materials you will need:


Wooden clothespins (you’ll need about 8 or 10 per snowflake)
Hot glue (wood glue is also a good choice)
Optional embellishments – paint, glitter, ribbon, or whatever your creative heart desires!

Here’s what you need to do:

Start out by disassembling 8 wooden clothespins. The wooden slats can be maneuvered easily to slide out of the metal spring. The metal springs can be discarded.

Take the two wooden pieces of one clothespin and align the flat sides together with hot glue.

To start your snowflake, take two of the glued pieces and hot glue those together, aligning them on their small angled ends.

Continue gluing with two more pieces until you have an X shape.

Insert the remaining four glued pieces into each corner and secure with more glue. If you are making ornaments, slide a piece of thread or ribbon between the last two pieces, before gluing, to create your hanger.

Ta-da!! Your  complete snowflake is ready to embellish!

They are very pretty left plain for an earthy look, or you can spray paint them with white or metallic or glitter spray.

Happy Crafting and join us next Monday for another Dwell with Dignity DIY!