DIY: Bulletin Boards

//DIY: Bulletin Boards

DIY: Bulletin Boards

When I think of bulletin boards, I think of boring square cork or metal boards that may or may not match the room whether it be in the kitchen, office, or bedroom.  What I love about Dwell with Dignity is that they truly design rooms for families in need.  The entire home is coordinated and often expresses a certain mood or feelings that these families want to embrace for their new home.  I am honored to blog about an easy and decorative DIY project that nearly anyone can do.  It is fun and looks great because you can customize it to any room and décor in your house.  You can coordinate with colors or patterns just by picking the fabric.  I chose to demonstrate a fabric covered circle bulletin board which I found on  I suppose you could use the square if you feel it better suits your room.  😀

fabric covered


First, you will need the following supplies:



Glue gun

Circle cork trivet approximately 7″ in diameter (found at Ikea)

Ikea sells a 3-pack of cork trivets for only $2.99.  Go to your favorite fabric store to pick out what type of fabric will go in your room; just make sure that they are approximately 1″ larger than the cork trivet so that you have plenty of room for cutting and hot gluing.  Once you have all of your supplies you can get to work.

Start by plugging in your hot glue gun so it will be ready when it’s time to glue.  While this is heating up, cut out a circular pattern approximately 1″ larger than your trivet.  Place the fabric face down so that the pretty side of your fabric that you want to be seen is actually on your work spot.  Place the trivet in the center of the fabric, hot glue the cork trivet and begin to pull the fabric taut onto the cork immediately because the glue will harden quickly.  Make sure the fabric is tight so that the material lies flat in the front and wrinkle-free.  If you like, you can do one side of the circle at a time to see how the glue sets.

Here is another idea; just imagine the circular bulletin boards:

bulletin boards

What I like most about this project is that you can make multiple bulletin boards, use different or coordinating fabric, choose a theme, purchase larger cork; the possibilities are endless to me and as usual this is something that would be easy to add color and / or pattern to spaces with white walls that cannot be painted which is often the case in Dwell with Dignity designs and apartment dwellers.

I hope that you get a chance to utilize this simple and fun DIY project for your home and if you’re feeling adventurous then come and join us at Dwell with Dignity work night where nearly all the projects are DIY.  You will feel so good – I promise!

Keep creating!

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