Thrift Studio 2017 Designer Spotlight: Charlotte Comer

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Thrift Studio 2017 Designer Spotlight: Charlotte Comer

The Art of Southern Hospitality with Charlotte Comer

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Charlotte Comer, you’ll be captured in the first five minutes by her wonderful elegant Southern charm and refined artistic flair. Charlotte has traveled the world but always comes back home to her Southern roots. Her travels, extensive design knowledge and polished taste attract clients across the country.

You see, Charlotte knows how to compose a show-stopping room. After making her mark in the Dallas design field starting in the early 90’s, Charlotte built legions of loyal clients over the past 30 years.  She always says the keys to her success are twofold; know your client well and know what makes a plain house, an inviting home.

A natural at layering textures and balancing color combinations, while at the same time balancing a budget, Charlotte has cultivated a subtle knack for designing serene and useful spaces tailored to each client’s taste.  We sat down with Charlotte to learn what tips she has found most useful over the course of her career.

DwD: The endless debate. What is your favorite white?

CC: I use Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White when I need a clear, bright white. For a white that works anywhere, I half the formula of Linen White. It’s soft and clean for any space.


DwD: What do you recommend your clients splurge on?

CC: Splurge on art! You will have it for a long time. Artwork brings life to your space and is an investment. It appreciates over time and you can pass it down.


DwD:  Details please! Where do you go for inspiration?

CC: I still like magazines and books.  I tear the magazines and copy the pages by category then put in boxes that I go through randomly.  With the books I copy pages and put them into categories for future inspiration. After time, you build a wonderfully tailored resource library.


DwD: The monster in the room; organizing. We all have to do it or it will overwhelm us! What’s your best tip for success?

CC: Organizing can be quite a task if you let it get away from you. Here’s how I start a big project.

  • Start a list and date it
  • Make the list by room and include any outside areas
  • Circle the items that are most important to tackle first. It takes a bit of willpower to start with the hard items first, but you will thank yourself later!
  • Determine if you need to work by room or by item. Each project is different and it’s important to tailor your strategy for success.
  • Review bi-monthly then yearly. We accumulate so much now that it’s important to recognize the beauty in editing. Do you really need to keep items in question or can you pass it along?
  • Revise the lists but keep your old lists to see what you have accomplished and how your needs have changed. Celebrate small victories! It is important to recognize your efforts and seeing trends overtime can give you a bird’s eye view of what you like and what you don’t.
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